Day 18: Unusual Feeling

Day 18 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 2, Day 1

Something unusual happened to me today.

You see, I normally am a very patient and forgiving guy.  Today, however, after a long day, as I was packing my bag to leave the office at 5 PM, a customer called up and asked for something to be done.  As is usual with customers, he needed it done today.  As I was the only one who could help him, I unhappily unpacked my laptop again, booted up, and got back to work.

Minutes passed by and a solution was still not in sight.  I felt impatient and annoyed; the drive back to the apartment takes about 40 minutes, and I had my scheduled meal at 6PM waiting at home, ready to be popped into the microwave.  At 5:50, things were almost resolved, but by then, I was already measuring out protein powder into my shaker.  By the time I put down the phone at 5:55, I was ready to have my protein drink.  Whew, here was another time when preparation saved the day!  I almost decided not to bring the powder with me in the morning.  However, as this was an all-protein day (very little fat and carbs), I had decided to bring it just in case.

I feel like my something in my mind is changing.  The thought of not following through on a planned activity to reach my physique goal now makes me uncomfortable.  Hopefully, I will be able to plan ahead and make contingencies if ever unexpected challenges like these present themselves, or at least be able to choose the best plan of action among what is available.

Thankully, I was stil back home early enough to do my HIIT session.  Today, I had planned to do sub-maximal intervals of 20-second run, 5-second walk segments.  The target was to do 15 minutes; tonight I was able to do 25.  It felt really good for me to get out and do my run by the riverside.  It was a way for me to take the stresses of the day away.  After cooling down I proceeded to do my core exercises.

Tomorrow is a no-protein day, so after dinner, I started preparing my meals for tomorrow.  I had bought lots of different fruit yesterday and proceeded to chopping them up and putting them into my lunchboxes.  I learned my lesson when I last did the fruit day, so tomorrow, I will be much better prepared.

Thanks for all the greetings from my fellow Shredders over the past two days.  It’s almost like my birthday was 48 hours long, with Shredders greeting from both sides of the world!

Time to get some recovery sleep.  Catch ya!


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