Day 17: Birthday Shredding

Day 17 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 1, Day 5

G’day, fellow Shredders!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, today was a special day for me, my 29th birthday!  It was a time for me to think and be thankful for the direction that my life is taking at the moment.  I am so glad to have discovered Adam’s blog and to be able decide to make a massive change in my life.  I’m sure that this coming year will be a very exciting one for me.

As for my nutrition today, no cake for me, as today is a low-carb day.  However, I did have some lean steak and steamed veggies as last meal instead of the usual grilled fish.  I was originally planning to celebrate with cake on my planned reward meal (7 days from now), but I may just put it off until I finish this mission.  That will make it doubly sweeter!

This evening I did my Lactic Acid Training for shoulders, triceps, quads, and hamstrings.  This time, unlike yesterday, I was able to pick my starting weights better, so I was able to get a better workout.

Okay folks, time to get some much needed rest.  Tomorrow is another Shredder day!


6 thoughts on “Day 17: Birthday Shredding

  1. Ron,
    I’m also doing Metabolic Surge. Just in my first week – day 4 of low carb eating. I don’t feel like I am getting enough calories to keep my energy up. What are you eating? And how’s your energy level? Thanks.

    Check out Danny’s blog – Phisique Improvement. How about joining in his push-up challenge – just for fun.

    You seem to have it all together. Keep at it, my friend.

  2. Happy Birthday Ron! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really liked the Metabolic Surge program. Just keep going, don’t stop! That was my mistake. I got sidetracked by something else, and it’s been downhill all the way! LOL!!!

  3. Hey Larry, I also made the mistake of cutting my calories too low during the first few days of my low-carb phase, and felt a bit hungry quickly with not as much energy as I would have liked. After logging everything I ate, I found that I was eating 30% below maintenance when the maximum cut I should have was 20%. After raising my calories, I felt better, although still not at the same level as higher-carb days, which is expected with low-carb dieting anyway.

    During low-carb days, I stick to eggs (5 whites to 1 yolk), steamed veggies, chicken breasts, and lots of fish (basa, barramundi). I also add in almonds, fish oil, and olive oil (with my veggies) to make up the balance of calories.

    Yes, I was considering joining Danny’s push-up challenge. I think I can join now that I have things better organized with my program.

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