Day 16: Freezing Cardio Session

Day 16 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 1, Day 4

Guten Tag, fellow Shredders!

I woke up earlier than usual today to do my HIIT session.  My target was to do 11 maximal intervals of 30 seconds all-out, 30-seconds rest.  As I had done before, I planned to do maximal intervals by running outside, since I could more easily change my pace and really push.  What I didn’t count on was that, combined with a brisk wind, it was pretty darn cold (apparent temp 5 degrees Celsius)!  Oh well, I just told myself, after warming up, it shouldn’t be too bad.

After completing my intervals (I pushed a bit more and managed 12), I was breathing very hard.  With every breath the sound of the world in my ears alternately stopped and started, kind of like the sound of Darth Vader breathing very quickly.  But I felt really good pushing myself, even if my hands felt somewhat numb afterwards!

As for nutrition, I continued following a low-carb program for today.  I almost missed my 5th meal as I was stuck in a big traffic jam on the way home from work.  What should have been a 45-minute commute took me 90 minutes!  As I was twiddling my thumbs in the car listening to the news reports (which by the way confirmed that this morning was one of the coldest so far in Brisbane this year, and will be getting even colder in the coming days), I remembered that I kept a low-carb protein bar in my bag, just in case of emergency.  Looking at the nutrition label, I found that it was just about the same number of calories and carbs as I had alloted for that meal.  I was saved by the bar!

Once I arrived home, it was just 30 minutes until my Lactic Acid Training session.  Today I did alternating light and heavy sets for chest, back, biceps, and calves.  It was another new approach to training for me, and I was a bit hit-and-miss with choosing the weight for the lighter sets.  I just wrote down my notes on my workout sheet as soon as I finished each set so that I can make better choices next time.  I also found that with this particular type of training, where there is very little time between sets, my grip started to fatigue before my back did during my back exercises (since it was all pulling, placing stress on the forearms).  I’ll have to work on my grip endurance in the future, or more correctly, I’ll have to learn to tolerate the lactic acid burn in my forearms more.

Tomorrow, July 30th, will be a special day for me, my 29th birthday.  It’s just too bad that I didn’t discover Adam’s blog sooner so that I could have a six pack (of abs) and chocolate cake for my birthday!  That said, I will not be celebrating my birthday food-wise until my next scheduled reward meal comes along.  That won’t be until August 6th.

Okay, folks, time for my recovery sleep!  Keep Shredding!


8 thoughts on “Day 16: Freezing Cardio Session

  1. Ron, you’re in Brisbane? 🙂 Cool! My family lives there; I grew up in Ipswich and lived in Brisbane for 5 years or so.

    Good work with your meals 🙂

  2. Hi Mark, yup, I’m in Brisbane at the moment. Here on a work project until mid-September. I’m actually based in Manila, but have been in Australia quite a lot over the past 11 months.

  3. Ron,
    The 30-30 HIIT protocal is very challenging. You are doing so well Keep at it. Happy birthday! Save the cake for a celebration at the end of your transformation. It’s only a few weeks away!

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