Day 15: Discipline Through Meal Preparation

Day 15 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 2, Phase 1, Day 3

Hola, Shredders!

First of all, I would like to congratulate Larry for getting into the ShredderSphere!  He has been very supportive of me since I started my journey.  Hope to join you there soon, mate!

Today was a day for me to rest and prepare for another day of Shredding tomorrow.  I used this day to cook some of the components of my meals for the next few days.

I think one of the harder things with following a physique transformation program is cooking and preparing healthy meals.  As I’ve read in Tom Venuto’s book, it is very important that I prepare my meals ahead of time so that I could follow my nutrition plan more closely.  Since last night, I’ve also started packing my meals for the workplace at home the night before.  I found that I didn’t have to rush as much in the morning, which will be very handy when I need to squeeze in a morning cardio session.  I’m learning discipline and organization from all this meal preparation stuff!

Tomorrow I have two sessions coming up, early morning max intervals, and then lactic acid training in the evening.  I’l be taking Michael’s advice and push my hardest.  After going through the shock of the first round, I feel that I can better gauge what I can accomplish this time around.

Gotta get some sleep, as I have an early day tomorrow.  Keep Shredding!

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One thought on “Day 15: Discipline Through Meal Preparation

  1. Hi Ron, you are so right about the pre-planning of meals. So often, by planning ahead you eliminate the chance to eat something that you shouldn’t on the fly because you are starving or something changed in your schedule. You’re doing great!

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