Day 11: Double-Header Part 2

Day 11 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 3, Day 4

Mabuhay, Shredders!

I set my alarm clock for this morning at 06:10 for my planned cardio session at 06:15.  I woke up with my legs still aching from my previous sessions.  I had originally planned to do my intervals by running outside as what I had done last night, but I realized I hadn’t checked the weather forecast, since it was drizzling outside!

I did some thinking and thought of moving my cardio session into the evening right after my weight training session — hey I had an excuse! (two excuses, actually: the rain, and the PAIN).  But then I thought, why not run to the gym I just signed up with three blocks away?  So that’s what I did!  By 06:30 I was in the gym, found a treadmill for warmup, hopped over to the elliptical trainer, did ten maximal intervals (30-second all-out effort/30-second rest) as planned, and was out the gym by 06:45.  Whew, now that was a quickie!

I returned to the gym in the evening to do my weight training session.  This time, I was to do Antagonistic Superset Training, which just means that you work out two functionally opposing muscle groups one right after the other with no rest in between.  This time, I was able to gauge my starting weights more properly and was able to deliver good effort.  And thankfully, the gym was not even half-full (even though it’s a small gym) so I was able to really stick to my timing within and between supersets.  By the time I was done, I was feeling good with myself!  Quite a big change from my last weight-training session.

Here are my pics for today:







Till tomorrow, Shredders!  I need to rest and look forward to my rest day (and reward meal) tomorrow.


The other day Mark (Journey To 185) asked me in a comment if I could share the spreadsheet I developed to help me plan my meals.  If you are interested, you can download it from here.  This file is in Open Document format and you can use OpenOffice.Org to open it.  Alternatively, you can use a version I made in Excel.


7 thoughts on “Day 11: Double-Header Part 2

  1. Hey Ron, thanks for the download! 🙂 That is one awesome spreadsheet and EXACTLY what I need to get my nutrition into line! You’re a star, mate!

    How do you like the new gym compared to your old one? Good work pushing yourself to get there in the morning despite the drizzle.


  2. Thanks for the spreadsheet Ron, it looks great. PS, had to google Barramundi…learn something new every day.

  3. You’re welcome, Mark and Meredith! I didn’t know barramundi as well, until I went to Australia. Nice, lean fish, tastes great with a minimum of preparation. I just season it a little with salt, pepper, and lemon, shove it into the oven, and voila! 20 minutes later, I have a lean protein source.

  4. By the way, you can of course use your own menu list, based on the foods that are convenient for you. Just look up the nutritional values from the labels or from food value counters.

  5. Yes, barramundi is a great tasting fish 🙂 Although I grew up in Australia, I never tasted it until I went to Sydney this year for a holiday!

  6. Hey Mark, the new gym is much smaller than my old one, but much less busy, and has enough variety of free weights and machines. Even in the morning when I rushed in before work, only a little over half of the cardio equipment were used. Since it’s small, it’s also quick to change exercises, perfect for supersetting.

    Plus, it’s only a half-kilometre walk, so no excuses for bad weather.

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