Day 8: Phase 3 Begins

Day 8 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 3, Day 1

I took my measurements this morning and found that I lost some weight and bodyfat.  However, I also lost some lean mass.  That lean mass could be water (since the past two days of nutrition – all protein and then no-protein were very diuretic), or it could be some muscle.  I won’t worry about it too much at this time, but I’ll make sure to align with my calorie targets better in the coming days, especially when the next low-carb phase comes up (I was a bit on the low side on my first try).

These next few days I’m changing to a higher-carb, high-protein diet plan.  It is designed to help me regain the muscle which I may have lost, and hopefully build more on top of it.  Of course, that means hard training is on the cards!

Today’s workout was something new for me: Muscle Rounds.  The object of this training was to get a lot of work done by taking lots of mini-sets with mini-breaks instead of one big set.  I was looking forward to this training, as today was a leg day and I like training legs.  However, while doing squats, I had to take a break on the last round as one side of my lower back started to hurt.  I think I need to watch my form more carefully, and swallow my ego and use a bit lighter weight there so that I can re-learn the proper form.

Here is my accountability chart for today. I’ve modified it from yesterday’s post (too much time to think how many points to give each one, and too colourful), and it is now a simplified version of Adam’s real-time accountability log.

Here are my progress pics for today:






Bis Morgen, Shredders!


5 thoughts on “Day 8: Phase 3 Begins

  1. Ron,
    You are really attacking this. I think you will be very successful. Interested in you progress with MS as I will be starting cycle 1 this Sunday. Stay the course.

  2. Hey Larry, I have full belief that MS will help me achieve my goals. I’ll be checking out your progress too so that I can comment based on my own experience. We’ll both finish this program stronger than ever!

  3. Ron, glad to see you sticking with your plan. Remember, whenever you cut your calories down really low you are going to lose some muscle. Make sure during MS that you keep your fats up for energy, but also for calories. It will help you maintain muscle mass.

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