Day 6: Tourist For A Day

Day 6 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 2, Day 1

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I am currently away from home on a work project that will keep me in Brisbane for up to two months from today.  Mondays to Fridays I go to work, then hit the planned workouts in the evenings.  So what’s a first-time visitor to the Sunshine State aim to do on a weekend?  See the sights, of course!

I had been thinking of doing this since last week, but for some reason it didn’t come through (I was busy preparing for Day 1!)  Today, I finally visited Australia Zoo, the home of the Croc Hunter!

It did take a lot more than just getting into the car and driving off.  I still had my nutrition plan to follow.  Today was especially tough as it was supposed to be an all-protein day; that is, as little fat and carbs as possible.  So in the morning before I left, I prepared all my meals in lunch boxes: tuna, egg whites, leafy greens, chicken breasts, and protein powder.  That’s in addition to my usual daytripper bag containing camera, sunscreen, umbrella (in case it rains), and sweater (in case it suddenly cools).  So here I was going around by myself in the park, still sticking with my eating schedule while trying to make sure I saw as much of the park as possible.

Me with a baby croc and its handler

Me with a baby croc and its handler

All in all, a good break from the daily routine.

Once I arrived back home, I had another meal.  After giving time for the food to digest, I then ran my planned Near-Maximal Intervals.  This is a type of HIIT with short work periods (20 seconds) at just below maximal effort, coupled with even shorter rest periods (just 5 seconds).  The workout called for 15 minutes of intervals (total of 36 work periods).  I initially had some concern that my somewhat tired legs (from yesterday’s Lactic Acid Training) might be a problem, but in the end, I was even feeling up for a challenge: I even went for another 6 work periods!

Here are my pics for today.







Hasta mañana, amigos y amigas.


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Tourist For A Day

  1. Ron,
    I am quite mimpressed with your diligence in planning your Metabolic Surge mission. I have nodoubt that you will be successful and see great results at the end of the cycle. Stay focused.

  2. Hi Ron, I’ll bet that the Australia Zoo was amazing…the closest I have come to seeing it was footage from my kid’s Wiggles video taken at the zoo with Steve Irwin. Keep up the great job with Metabolic Surge!

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