Day 4: Double-Header Day

Day 4 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 1, Day 4

I got out of bed 30 minutes earlier than usual this morning (at 6AM) to do my HIIT Maximal Intervals.  Normally, I’d be hanging on to sleep at that time, but today, I was awake almost exactly 1 minute before 6.  Seems my subconcious had already programmed this workout.

I initially tried to do my training with the lone treadmill in the serviced apartments I’m staying at, but when I cranked up speed to 16 km/h for the first 30-second work interval, the machine just died!  The track also kept slipping underneath my feet even at my lower warm-up speed.

Not be deterred, I went for plan B – running in the open air.  Out I went, into the morning fog, and felt the blast of cool air as I went for my first 30-second all-out burst.  Not too bad, I thought.  Thirty seconds of walking later, another burst, and so on until the 8th cycle.  By the time I finished my last work interval, I was taking some of the deepest breaths I’ve taken in my life!  But I felt so alive, with the cool air rushing into and out of my lungs.

After work, I then went to the gym for my Lactic Acid Training session.  I’ve never tried hitting such high reps before.  I had to choose a weight that allowed me at least 20 reps (I aim for 25), then do a lot more sets with only 20 seconds rest.  By the end of each set, I was burning!  The twenty seconds in between sets just went by so fast!

Nutrition-wise, it was another low-carb day for me.  Still tweaking it here and there as I learn how to count nutrition values (via a food log), but I think I am getting there.

Here are my pics for today:







Till tomorrow, Shredders!


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