Day 2: Getting To Know Myself

Day 2 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 1, Day 2

This project is letting me get to know myself better.

Today I continued with low-carb nutrition.  As yesterday I felt somewhat hungry between meals, I added some more fats to my diet in the form of fish oil, salad dressing, and whole egg.  I didn’t feel as much hunger now between meals.  Thanks for the reminder, Michael!  I’ll be constantly adjusting my diet and checking if I’m getting the right amount of calories for my size.

Rain wasn’t going to stop me from my 1.5 km walk over the bridge to the gym.  It was the 2nd day of fat-loss circuit training, and today I hit my shoulders, triceps, quads, and hamstrings.  This time, I was able to complete the whole circuit with almost no stopping (save for changing my barbell for about 20 seconds in between my triceps and quad exercises), since I was able to hold on to a treadmill right at the very edge of the cardio area.  The only drawback was, since the free weights area is far away, I had to use a lighter (non-Olympic) barbell for my squats than I would have wanted.  By the end of my circuit, I was sweating and breathing quite heavily!  Yet, it felt really good!  Since I was a bit unsatisfied with my squat portion, I threw in a few heavy reps on the leg press machine.

Today, I also realized that one of my weaknesses is my lower back.  This is what has been limiting me when I was doing deadlifts (and to a certain extent, squats) before, and also why I was uncomfortable yesterday doing bent-over rows.  I’ll be checking out David Grisaffi’s book “Firm and Flatten Your Abs” which recommends strengthening the whole core (including the sides and lower back) instead of just the mirror muscles (the abs).  This will also help me in getting my abs visible, which is a big part of my mission.

Here are my pics for today:







Till tomorrow, Shredders!


4 thoughts on “Day 2: Getting To Know Myself

  1. Hey Ronm

    good you made it into this circle, you will see: With perserverance and faith you will make it!

    Just believe in yourself.


  2. Thanks for the affirmation of that book Michael. Once I get myself organized with Tom Venuto’s book, Firm and Flatten Your Abs will be on my reading list.

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