Day 1: M1 Goes Live

Day 1 of 84

Metabolic Surge: Round 1, Phase 1, Day 1

I was smiling all the way home from my workout today, I’ll tell you why in a moment.  First, a topic close to my heart (and my gut) – food!

Today was a low-carb nutrition day.  I had prepared most of my meals ahead of time over the weekend (grilled, steamed, pan fried with minimal oil)  and tried to vary my selections between fish (basa fish, which I’ve grown to like), chicken breast, and lean pork steak, except for breakfast when I had (mostly white) egg omelettes.  I limited my carbs to steamed or fresh vegies, plus milk with my post-workout protein shake.  I’m still trying to properly gauge my portions and timing (ideally every 3-4 hours).  I feel I may need to adjust my portions up a little as I was feeling a bit hungry already before my planned mealtimes.

How refreshing to follow a planned workout, enough to make me smile!  For the past two years, I have mostly been going to the gym with just a vague plan, or just the same workout as before.  Thus, I did not have any particular goals; I often just go there trying to add a little bit here and there, and changed my sets/reps at a whim after keeping at it for weeks or months at a time.  I often heard that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail – I think that’s why my workouts have not been very fruitful before.

The workout specified today was fat-loss circuit training, where you get no rest becauase you do cardio in between sets.  It’s a challenge in a crowded gym during rush hour after work, especially as the cardio machines are placed some distance away from the free weights area (with the machines in between).  I just tried to be creative and used a step board and the bench as my mini-staircase for the cardio portion in-between sets while the cardio machines were unavailable.  In one exercise, I brought the barbell right over to the cardio area.  I think I might have gotten some unusual looks while I was doing this, but I just didn’t care, I was on a mission!  I’ll try to increase the intensity of the cardio on my next workout; I feel I could have pushed a bit more.

Here are my pics for today:






Time to get some recovery sleep. Till tomorrow, Shredders!


5 thoughts on “Day 1: M1 Goes Live

  1. Michael,

    Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. I did take about 12 g of fish oil capsules in addition to my multivitamins. Do you think that is enough for me, or should it be increased?

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