Day 0: Mapping my warpath

Today was my rest day before go on the offensive.

Before I can map out my path, I have to know my current location, so I measured myself using my scale and caliper.  Here are my stats as of today:

  • Height: 168.5 cm (5ft 6in)
  • Weight: 69.6 kg (153.1 lb)
  • Bodyfat percentage:  15%
  • Fat mass: 10.4 kg (23.0 lb)
  • Lean mass: 59.2 kg (130.1 lb)

Other measurements:

  • Waist: 82.5 cm (32.5 in)

Here are my starting pics:







For documentation, the newspaper I am holding is Brisbane’s Sunday Mail.



Now, a big part of my mission is to finally see my abs, and I’ve read that this is not possible unless I go to 10% bodyfat or below.  Since I want to remove any doubt, I’m aiming my sights higher (by that I mean lower bodyfat!), while of course, holding on to my lean mass as much as possible.

Target (12 weeks, 84 days):

  • Bodyfat percentage: 8%
  • Fat mass: 5.1 kg (11.3 lb)
  • Lean mass: 59.2 kg (130.1 lb)
  • Weight: 64.3 kg (141.4 lb)
  • Height: Oh, I wish I could still change that!

Big goals? Yes. Scary goals? Yes. Exciting goals? YES!

My primary tool will be Nick Nilsson’s Metabolic Surge program (first 46 days).  After completing that, I will evaluate my progress see if I am doing the right things.

I have been thinking about my goals almost every waking hour since I started this blog. Now, it’s time to sleep and get ready for tomorrow’s onslaught.  See you all on the other side!



9 thoughts on “Day 0: Mapping my warpath

  1. Good way to map everything out with measurements: starting point and destination! Trajectory set – see ya on the other side, Ron!

    Love, Lil

  2. Hi Ron!
    Wonderful to have you with us, and know that now you have begun this journey, you´ll find ways to make it a success. We´ll all be coming by often to see how it´s going. Have a good week!

  3. Hi Michael, Lilla, Larry, Mike, BuffedStuff, and Lynda,

    Thanks for your support. I kept in mind what I’ve read from Tom Venuto, that if your goal isn’t scary and exciting at the same time, then your goals are too low. This one does exactly that to me!

  4. Just my 2cents:

    I’ve read that this is not possible unless I go to 10% bodyfat or below

    Unless you know for a fact that you won’t see your abs unless you are 10% BF, it’s hard to set goals like this. I think those kind of goals are a bit “dangerous” because you really don’t have control over it. Your body is the way it is. A better goal might be “I will follow this plan for 84 days, I will eat blah, I will be intense in the gym” etc. and see where that takes you. What you eat, when you eat, and how you exercise are things you can absolutely control. How your body responds, what it does to body fat, etc you don’t have nearly as much say over.

    For example, I can see my abs (6 of them!) and I am probably around 14%BF. My body stores fat in other places.

    Anyway, good luck. Stick to your plan, be consistent, and make sure you continually evalute your progress.

  5. Hi Keputch,

    I have around 15% bodyfat and my abs are nowhere near the surface, so I reckon I’ve got quite some work to do. Aiming below 10% is a way for me to measure my progress toward my real goal (which is seeing my abs).

    Yes, I’ll be continually evaluating my progress, and will be tweaking things here and there to see how my body responds best.


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