Shredding While On The Road

First of all, thanks to all the fellow Shredders who welcomed me!  I was so excited to get my first blog comments (I’ve never blogged before this).  Keep the positive pressure coming!

I’m not home right now.  Home is Manila, in the Philippines.  My (sedentary) job brings me to different places several weeks up to several months at a time.  This time I am Brisbane for the next two months.

Being on the road while taking up the Shredder challenge presents some difficulties as well as opportunities for me.

First is finding a gym.  Thankfully, that part wasn’t too difficult.  In Manila, I work out at a commercial gym which allows me to work out free in their facilities abroad, for around 30 days a year.  Where I’m staying, there are two of those gyms within a 2km walk.  So even though the price I pay at home is relatively steep (compared to other gyms there), there is great benefit for me on the road, as long as I happen to live close to their overseas facilities.

Food is an opportunity for me here.  It’s hard to get a meal back home which does not come with rice or bread. Asians, Filipinos included, like to eat rice with every meal (there is no such thing as a low-carb Filipino meal).  Fresh vegetables are easy to find, but vegetables there are usually cooked (and go with rice); salads are hard to come by. Here, it’s much easier to get fresh vegies and leafy greens, at the grocers or when eating outside.  In addition, I can control everything I eat while I am here, since I’m not staying with family and pressured to eat the same as everybody else (healthy or otherwise).  So now I have the perfect opportunity to start a clean diet and stick to it.  I do have to be careful too since if I don’t think about my food choices, I could also eat very badly here (as I did on my past few trips).

Today I shopped around for a cheap bathroom scale for me to be able to track my progress (not many serviced apartments provide them).  I was able to find one that was not too big and quite light, so I should be able to bring it around with me on my travels (until the next round of baggage restrictions by the airlines, hehe).  I was also glad to have remembered to bring my FatTrack II caliper with me this time.  I have had it for almost two years now and used to measure once a week, but over the last two business trips, I had not been using it (though I brought it with me), giving me a surprise every time I go back home.  I might also shop around for a cheap measuring tape.  I’ll be weighing and measuring myself tomorrow morning to get my starting point, and from there I will be plotting my body composition goals.

Finally for today, I’m posting a pic of how I looked two years ago, around the time when I started going to the gym regularly (Sept 2006).

Compare this to my pics here from May 2008 and my recent daily posts. Does it look like my almost two years of working out has yielded positive results?  Seems like I had been wasting my time, right?  This has got to change!  Can’t wait till Monday.

Till tomorrow, fellow Shredders!


5 thoughts on “Shredding While On The Road

  1. Hey Ron,

    Looks like you and I kinda started the same. I got to see Adams blog and videos, and they inspired me greatly. That was when I decided to turn my life/body around.

    I can see why the travel aspect of your job might be a hurdle, but as long as you stick with it, even while out there, you should be fine.

    Regarding your 2 years at the gym. It seems similar to Adam’s experience with Body For Life. You keep doing the same things and dont shock the body, and youll start to stagnate. I think he explains most of that in his first Mission posts. Keep that in mind when on this new mission. I recommend the same books/materials Adam has listed on his site, Tom Venuto’s book Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, as well as David Grisaffi’s Firm and Flatten Your Abs.

    Go for it Ron!

  2. Hey Ron, sounds like you have the travel worked out mate! I’m sure you will do very well.

    p.s. Did you check out Daniel’s progress?

  3. Hi Ron,
    Looks like you have a great plan. Being aware of the obstacles and having a plan to deal with them ahead of time is the way to stay in control and stay on track. Keep working hard and no doubt you’ll see the progress you want.

  4. Hi Mike,

    Yup, I’ve taken a look at Daniel’s progress. He’s beginning to reap the fruits of his discipline and hard work. I’m convinced that if he can do it, so can I!

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