Proper Planning

I’ve been so hyped up to start my transformation, that I didn’t read through Nick’s Metabolic Surge plan closely. He recommends taking 4 to 7 days off before starting the program, so that the body is prepared for it. Well, I had a full-body workout two nights ago, and an interval running session last night, so I realized I may not be ready to start.

I also realized that the core of the program are low-carb days. I’ve been trying on a low-carb diet for the past week, so I had concerns that the program might not be as effective if I just continued the low-carb diet into the program. I emailed the author, Nick Nilsson, and he helpfully replied within just a few hours. He figured that it would be better if I didn’t stay on the low-carb diet before I start the program, since it’s gets less effective the longer you stay in it. Now I can have some more carbs and not feel guilty (I have science and a great coach to back me up, hehe).

Now, instead, I’m going to take the rest days to prepare what I need for the onslaught. Food (no more junk, I’ll be preparing most of my meals instead of buying full meals), printed workout sheets, exercise manuals, and good nights of sleep! By Monday, I’ll be ready to attack!

So no progress pics today. I’ll post those again Sunday evening for my new Day 0 pics.


8 thoughts on “Proper Planning

  1. I’m interested to hear how you like the metabolic surge program. I’ve been reading about it for several months. From what I gather, it uses some unconventional things that cause me to wonder if the program is really doable at a busy gym. Anyway, I’ll be following your progress.

    I’m also interested in the diet portion – an all fruit day seems odd to me…

  2. Hi Keputch,

    I think the biggest challenge in the program are the days when you basically take no rest between sets, because you are doing cardio between weight training sets. In a busy gym, the setup for this can take time, so either you do the workout at a less-busy time (outside the normal rush after office hours), or get creative (by focussing on dumbbells and barbells instead of machines). It is not everyday that it’s like that, though.

    The fruit day is part of the scheme of keeping your body guessing and challenging your metabolism. I think it will be a welcome relief after days and days of eating mostly meat and fish during the low-carb phases.


  3. Hi Ron!
    Welcome to the Shredder gang. Rest up because Monday will be here before you know it. 🙂 You’re going to do great! I’l be watching you. Shred on!

  4. Welcome Ron. Get ready for massive change my friend! Accountability will be high and I’ll be here reading every post! 🙂

  5. Hey Ron,
    I’m new to the shreddershere too. I will be quite interested to watch your progress with Surge as I am going to be starting it in two weeks. So, you wll be one sysle ahead of me. Hopefully, we can learn from each other and support each other. I think you’re right – the low carb/cardio workout days are going to be challenging.

    Good luck on your Mission.

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