My Motivation

Adam talks about a motivating factor, a “powerful reason why”.  It could be a life-changing event, a milestone, or simply seeing yourself in a picture and realizing that you’re starting to look like a pig.

For me, it’s a combination of several things.

On one of my recent home visits this year (01 May 2008, this year I have been on the road 143 out of 192 days!), I went to a swimming pool with my family.  and I saw unflattering pictures of myself.  For someone who has been working out regularly for almost two years, this was not what I thought I would look like!

Right now, I don’t have my pics before I started working out, but I don’t see obvious progress.

Second, I’ve been home only twice this year (excluding the start of the year). Each time, on a day I was doing my workout at the gym, a guy there who’s an acquaintance of mine always says that it looks like I’ve put on weight (and not the right kind). Seems life on the road is not being kind to my health (too much good food here!). I want to surprise that guy next time he sees me!

Lastly, I’m turning 29 in a few weeks.  That’s just one year before I’m on the last day on a calendar month! Up to now, I don’t have the self-esteem to go out and meet other people outside of work or family. I want that to change.  I’ve too long been the sterotyped as a nerd.  I want to be a nerd and a jock.

There, three reasons why I’m doing this.


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