Today, I ran into a most inspiring blog, Adam Waters Real-Time Physique Transformation Blog.  I am stoked and decided to achieve something similar.

Growing up, I’ve always been the nerd in the family.  You know, all brains, no brawn.  While my brothers were out playing, doing martial arts, I was usually reading, sleeping.  So I always carried a load around my waist.

I started picking up weights when I was in 2nd year college, but never took it seriously until almost exactly two years ago, when a big gym opened near my place.  It was one of the big chain gyms, so thought it was expensive, I thought to myself, if I don’t risk my time and money, then there can be no gain.  So I have been regularly working out, but since my work involves travel (I can be away from home 6 months or perhaps more in a year), keeping the workout schedule and sticking to a clean diet on the road is a challenge.  So though I have made some progress since then, I am not satisfied.  When I started regular visits to the gym, I was at about 23% bodyfat.  I’ve been as low as 13-14%, but it’s been creeping up on me again these past few months.

Here are my pics tonight:







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